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Sep. 17th, 2014 08:41 pm
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I'm home right now, for two days, because I have some specific business/household things I need to get done, and then on Friday morning I'll turn around and drive 300 miles back downstate. But tonight I'm home and in a state of relieved collapse and also "Yay, Internet!"

Brief explanation of what's going on with me right now: my grandmother had a major health-related disaster at the end of August, and she currently requires round-the-clock care, so my mom and I are taking care of her. It's not the first time she's needed it, and not the first time we've done it; my mom is very close to her, and I am the only one of my mom's kids who isn't 4000 miles away -- plus I have no kids of my own and am self-employed, so I can put my life on hold and drive across the state much more easily than any of my cousins or my aunt, who all have families/jobs/etc.

At least we are able to caretake her in her home now, so we're no longer having to overnight at the hospital. That was remarkably miserable all around. When I get back, my mom will be flying back to her home for awhile to take care of her stuff, and then we'll trade off again.

However, my grandma's place doesn't have wireless, which means I'm stuck snatching little bits of coffee-shop Internet when I can arrange for some time out of the house. This means I'll be scarce online for the next .... well, until the end of October, really, because once I get back home next time, I'll be turning around in a few days and heading out of state on a vacation for which the tickets are already purchased. I suspect I am really going to need it by then.

ETA: I think this post may have come out sounding whinier than I actually feel. I mean, yes, it's not how I planned to spend my September, but it's the kind of thing that you do when it needs doing. Right now I am in a sort of sudden-absence-of-stress brain-drop state -- general relief at the peace and solitude (hello, introvert) mingled with a lot of staring at walls and difficulty forming coherent sentences. Possibly an early bedtime is advisable.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 17th, 2014 09:33 pm
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1. It's been two weeks since I had an eye appointment and ordered new contacts and they still hadn't called me to tell me they were in, so I called to check this morning and they said they had part of my order in but not all of it. Then they called me back this afternoon to say it was all there and ready! (Except by then it was too hot for me to want to go out, so I still didn't actually go pick up the contacts, but at least I know I can do so whenever I want.)

2. I made cornbread and chili for dinner and it was super delicious. It was just canned chili and cornbread mix from a box, but I added cheese and corn to the cornbread, as well as the green chiles Irene had grilled the other day.

3. Another person wanted to park in our driveway as well, and at first Irene told her yes, because it seemed like she would just be there for a couple hours in the mornings before the other guy came, but this lady kept wanting to stay longer and do this and that and it was really stressing Irene out but she couldn't say no, so today when the lady came back after her class I gave her her money back and just told her it wasn't working out, so that's over with, thankfully. It would be nice to have money from two people using the driveway, of course, but not when it's causing so much stress.

4. It seems to be cooling off tonight (and was actually not terrible during the day today, either).

5. Damian is finally sending Irene her stuff. It should be here next week!
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Wednesday is generally when you get the cheapest and emptiest flights (relatively speaking) and it's become my go-to travel day for that reason. But for once I am in California again, so it's time to talk about books.

Books Read
Kate Elliott, Shadow Gate (2008) and Traitor's Gate (2009) - Further comments forthcoming, but suffice it to say, I loved the whole Crossroads trilogy, and I highly recommend them to everyone looking to read more epic fantasy that pays due attention to female characters and to women's experiences. Also: GIANT JUSTICE EAGLES IJS

Helen Oyeyemi, Mr. Fox (2011) - I really enjoyed the other Oyeyemi book I read, White Is for Witching; I liked this one too, though (perhaps unsurprisingly since it's riffing on "Bluebeard") the themes of violence against women, against female characters, etc, felt a bit too close to reality. But in the end I really enjoyed the interplay between Daphne Fox, the titular Mr. Fox's wife, and Mary Foxe, his fourth wall-breaking muse; he doesn't deserve either of them, but that's how it goes. Oyeyemi is a wizard of prose, and I can't recommend her books enough.

Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (2013) - I was talking to a friend of mine who bought and started reading this book the same time I did but stopped a bit of the way in because of vampire fatigue. Well, I finished it on the BART this evening and I am here to tell you, there's no question of vampire fatigue when someone reinvents the form as well as Black does here--I'd forgotten how a well-written feeding scene can be better than any sex scene outside of top-shelf fanfic, and more interesting besides. The main character's tenacity and general clear-headedness are refreshing, and the worldbuilding is very interesting. I really enjoyed it.

Currently Reading
Brit Mandelo, We Wuz Pushed - This is an Aqueduct Conversations piece about Joanna Russ. I'm quite liking it so far. It was Mandelo's master's thesis and it's really good.

Wendy Walker, Knots (2006) - Another Aqueduct Conversations book. I love Walker's prose. I need to try to get this book for my own; I'm borrowing it from a friend.

The rakugo manga - yes, I know

Book-Shaped Acquisitions Space
Andrea K. Höst's book Stray is free on amazon.com. Höst was recommended to me quite enthusiastically by a fellow Michelle West fan at Worldcon, and I'd been planning to buy some of her books in paper when I go to Australia next month. I expect interesting things!

Reading Next
These things are very difficult to predict. We'll see!

Spider Goddess Update

Sep. 17th, 2014 08:15 pm
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I tend to get a bit obsessed with new projects sometimes. On the bright side, I’ve decided to go ahead and do a print edition of Rise of the Spider Goddess, to go along with the ebook. Yay! I’ve also been looking into cover art options, finishing up the annotations, and thinking about the best way to publish and promote this sucker.

This is what I think the text of the print version will look like:

Sample Page

I’ve also been messing around with cover font possibilities:

Font Ideas

None of this is final yet. (And that particular color combination is giving me a weird Law & Order vibe…) But I’m having a great deal of fun.

It will probably be at least December before this is available, but I’ll keep y’all updated :-)

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Sep. 17th, 2014 03:47 pm
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The kid has finally been taken away for a few hours by another worker and the house is totally quiet. Ahhhh, bliss.

The replies to my last entry actually made me REALLY HAPPY, as did taking my painkillers, and lying around a lot on a heating pad. Also today I decided to take the kid to the Beacon Hill Children's Farm, and it was AWESOME. There's a free petting zoo, and then an entire park full of delightful walks and several large sculpture/fountain/spray-park installations where kids press the button and ginormous jets of water shoot out. It is the PERFECT place to take that kid. The only problem is that xe really really wants to feed breadcrumbs to the ducks, which the park discourages (I didn't know, so when the kid was distracted with a fountain I surreptitiously dumped 3/4 of our bread crumbs in a garbage bin).

Tonight we're going to see Emily and go swimming. My supervisor suggested that some of the kids might like to meet my cat and consequently they'll go "Can we see Emily?" and I'm like "TWIST MY RUBBER ARM also I need to pick up a jacket from my room." So now I'll take some of them by in the evening to feed, pet, and play with her. She's not a therapy cat for me yet, but she is in a way for some of them; she's very responsive to good things and very direct (though gentle) about expressing her displeasure. They're learning the basics of cat behaviour (one kid now quizzes me all the time, "If her ears are like this, she unhappy? She gonna use her claws?") and attuning to another animal's emotional state to decide how to act (as I coach, "she's biting you, time to stop petting her").

Something I've learned: If you join OKCupid and say right at the top of your profile, "If you are a guy I am going to ignore your message, I'm only here to meet ladies" it is actually a really nice experience! OKCupid lady flirting actually happens and you meet cool people and if someone messages you on Sunday and you don't reply until Wednesday and explain you've been swamped with work she's like "Cool, I understand," and you get on with talking!

It was a little vexing at first because I signed up as "bisexual, only here to meet women" and they kept suggesting me to men as a match (GRR) but that disclaimer has kept things cool. I wanted to note the bisexuality because some people have Stupid Opinions about bi people, but if I want to meet men I will not do it through a dating website, where the very air around them reeks with desperation and shattered hopes.

Meanwhile here are a bunch of stoats.
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via various people on FB and Twitter - and because people keep asking about it.

Note 1: I have no idea where this is from.
Note 2: These times are all _estimates_. The actual results will come in when people have finished counting them.
Note 3: I have no idea what the "Yes rating" is.
Note 4: I will not be staying up all night. I will be checking my phone when I wake up in the morning. I do not expect to sleep well.
Note 5: I am excited about voting tomorrow. See icon.

a little here, a little there

Sep. 17th, 2014 11:06 am
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Repression on both sides of an imaginary line: ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools. And Texas wants to rewrite textbooks (and it supplies them to many states) to deny manmade climate change.

Maryland -- what the hell? In Anne Arundel County, the guy who won the Republican primary for a seat on the county council and the party executive committee is a Christianist Neo-Confederate -- and so is the uncontested Republican candidate for county sheriff."> More here, but I'm cutting to a long quote: read this )

In other words, white right-wing gun nuts with a hatred of the current government are trying to take it over and disable it -- and this is probably not even being looked at by Homeland Insecurity.

The Say-What? category: NFL owners face losing their tax-exempt status [TAX-EXEMPT NONPROFIT?!?!?!] unless the Washington team changes its name from the racist epithet it has borne for 80+ years. Nonprofit? That billion-dollar enterprise pays no taxes under the nonprofit category. It's a moneymaking enterprise; it *should* pay taxes.

Religion Dispatches considers how the attitudes about Proper Christian Womanhood fit into what's going on with Ray Rice. Personally, I think that all professional athletes, particularly those in body-contact sports like football, wrestling, boxing and soccer, should be required to see counseling and take classes in anger management. And that any -- ANY -- athlete who abuses anyone who is younger, smaller or weaker than himself should lose his contract. Period. I am tired of hearing about beaten women, beaten children and gang rapes that are handwaved because the athlete's life and career are considered more important than the athlete's victims' lives.

A pro-patriarchy argument against contraception, in all its illogic -- not to mention its assumption that What Men Want Is Always Right And Takes Precedence Over Everything Including Women's Childbearing And Women's Bodies. [Don't ask me how I feel about this unless you want something large thrown at you, like Denali -- bears, weather and all. Especially bears.]

Wage theft in fast food.

Some good news: MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant awards announced. And congratulations, Alison Bechdel!

Wednesday Reading Meme

Sep. 17th, 2014 07:21 am
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What I'm reading:

The Jaguar by T. Jefferson Parker. I enjoyed the other book I'd read by this author so much I grabbed this without looking to see what it was about. That was possibly an error on my part. I'm just starting so I don't know this for sure yet. Will let you know.

What I've read:

Sick of Shadows by Sharyn McCrumb This is book one of a series and sort an odd book. It kind of hovers timeless like a Nancy Drew book. I could not pin this down to a decade even which was kind of disconcerting. The use of letters and telegraphs just calls out for a 1920s period piece but it had a more modern sense to it. It was the weirdest feeling. Anyway this is a mystery novel, very leisurely paced (sloooow), set in the American South. Elizabeth is present for a family wedding and when death stops the festivities, she finds herself investigating.

Louis L'Amour's The Sky-liners and Jubal Sackett. More of the same, which I enjoyed.

What next?

I've got a few of McCrumb's Ballad novel kicking around. Maybe those. Maybe something else. I've got The Black Count here which I'm eager to read, but I'm saving it for the Thanksgiving long weekend. We'll see how long I hold out.
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Just so you know, I am unlikely to take your gluten-intolerance very seriously if:

  • you have been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant by a naturopath who waved a little jar of wheat flour over your pulse points.
  • you tell me that you can’t eat bread, but you're just fine with cake.

Not saying anything out loud. Just thinking nasty judgemental thoughts here in the corner.

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A friend of mine does lots of good work with the Alternatives to Violence Project in Edinburgh, and is looking for volunteers to help out at their next event (in October) or beyond.

It's largely admin work, from what I understand - getting people booked into workshops, helping with enquiries, helping people organise transport, and generally being a welcoming face for the event.

If you're interested in helping out then let me know and I'll pass info along.

(If you're not comfortable commenting here then you can email me at andrew@ducker.org.uk)
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1) It wasn’t an exciting holiday, but it was good. Greek island, lots of swimming in turquoise-coloured sea. (What the hell was Homer up to with the wine-dark seas?) Read many books, contemplated the sky, took naps. Any longer than a week, I would have been bored. But for a week it was right.

2) Still sad. Depression feels like being frightened.

3) Grumpy Cat has been released from vile incarceration in luxury cat accommodation and is now being unusually friendly.

Reading Job for Australians

Sep. 17th, 2014 12:38 pm
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This is open to anyone who lives in Australia and speaks Australian English. Having an android phone or tablet is a plus. They talk about "Native Australians" but I'm pretty sure they just mean people who were born here.

You'll need an odesk account to apply.

Read more... )

Daily Happiness

Sep. 16th, 2014 09:30 pm
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1. Day off tomorrow!

2. It's been sooo hot lately and while it's supposed to cool down a bit later this week, it's supposed to get hot again after that, so we've been having the fans going almost non-stop and this morning got a bit of a scare with our good fan when it took about five minutes to turn on. This happened once or twice before a while back, but I thought that cleaning it out had taken care of the problem but I guess it's just getting old. Anyway, I ordered a new fan off Amazon tonight and it's supposed to come Thursday. It's a Vornado, which I have heard a lot of good things about, so I'm hopeful it will help, not just in case our other fan does die on us, but because the house just gets so hot and doesn't cool down until the wee hours of the morning, even with fans on, so maybe a third (better?) one will help.

3. I made hot dog fried rice again tonight. We have a ton of hot dogs Irene grilled last week and no buns, so I've been chopping them up and putting them in fried rice and it's super delicious. (Also super easy, since the hot dogs are already cooked, I use frozen mixed veggies, and I have a bunch of garlic fried rice seasoning packets, so I just toss those in and don't even have to do any real seasoning.)

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Sep. 16th, 2014 10:59 pm
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hoooooooly shit, the Orioles cinched the AL East championship tonight. THE ORIOLES.

(Also, that 9-1 win-loss streak they're on? Yeah, guess which game we were at. If you say 'the one where they lost', you know how my life works. Heh.)

SO GLAD we bought partial season tix for next year so we can get priority on buying postseason tickets. \o/

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Sep. 16th, 2014 08:22 pm
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Mom's coming down this weekend, with good/bad timing the same weekend that the fella is heading back east for his parents wedding anniversary. So mom and I will have the city to ourselves, with the metro shut down on the weekend to make it a little more awkward, but we'll manage.

And mom has reminded me that this weekend is Leonard Cohen's birthday, so now I'm trying to think of Lenoard Cohen themed events to do this weekend :)

I thought it should have something to do with scotch. Mom thinks scotch and poutine. This sounds like a pretty good plan but it's still fluid :)


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